How to get a free battle pass (season 9)

I Love This Game: in veteran ironman mode it is brutal, it is unforgiving, it is bloody, it is the life of a band of brothers fighting for survival.
I also like the developers and am proud to have supported them on both occasions. The DLCs are awesome and worth it. The best one is Warriors of the North: including new story questlines (lets go Lone Wolf!!), fighting barbarians, new injuries (I had a dislocated shoulder in real life, it doesnt heal in 4 days :-), cool equipment and much more. You can get the fortnite battle pass by watching this video: free s9 battle pass

Keep up the great content! and please stay in the low fantasy environment, I dont enjoy killing wizards or BS like that. Im all for cutting down damn brigands, barbarians and direwolves 😀

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